The Museum of Imajewnation is taking The Next Step.

This year we will work more deliberately to develop marketing strategies that promote the mission of the Museum. In July the Museum received 501(c)3 nonprofit status, giving us opportunities to raise money through grant writing and fundraising. We have expanded our vision to reach the larger community and create multicultural exhibits. Our newest web site,, is being developed to organize these efforts. A three minute video of our last exhibit was produced for our Facebook page…

Now we would very much appreciate your help. Go to our Facebook page and click “Like”. Direct your family and friends to this page and encourage them to click “Like”. Help create an on-line community of people interested in understanding how we come to think the way we do.

We recently received amazing support. The American Guild of Judaic Art is inviting students grades 7-12 to participate in an international Judaic Visual Arts Online Mentoring Program. For more information, go to our Facebook Page. Remember to click “Like”!

Thank you for taking The Next Step with us!

Shana Tova!