The Museum of ImaJewnation sponsors the Art Salon. The Salon meetings engage artists to work on new exhibits. A warm and welcoming atmosphere encourages many possibilities for creative interactions and conversations on “art.”

Naomi's Art Salon Invitation
For the 1st Salon, Rabbi Jim Goodman facilitated the discussion about the museum and its objectives. He created an artwork of words modeled after a page from the Talmud. Artists responded to its insights.

Betty Oskowitz hosted the 2nd Salon meeting in her Sukkah. She led us in an exercise, preparing us for the Sukkah exhibit in Fall 2011. The group was asked to draw our “bio” in the form of a tree. All discovered their personal boundaries with very strong emotional responses.

Art Salon
Naomi Fishman hosted the 3rd Salon. The agenda included researching and discussing the art of imagination and suggested resources for upcoming exhibits.