Nesham RoashAs hard as it seems to describe something about which I am so passionate, I will attempt to share my feelings for my artistry and work. In doing so, I hope you get to know me a little, as I would love to get to know you a little as well!

I am on an amazing journey as a stay-at-home mom of three energetic young children, a wife and partner to the love of my life who also happens to be my hero, and a fine art portrait photographer. For the last eight years, I have grown more than I could ever have imagined as a mother, an artist, and a human. I could not be happier!

Although originally from St. Louis, I graduated with a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. I began specializing in babies and children after having my first baby in 2003 and realizing how artistically fulfilling it is to photograph the miracle and beauty of a child.

I see our Creator in all that has been created, and I feel blessed to have been given a talent to capture a piece of that perfection in an art form. I take pride in my attention to detail and in the time I take to capture the true essence of the children, adults, and pets I photograph. As spiritual beings on a human journey, we have the capacity to feel immense emotions. I strive to reveal that special bond between a parent and a child, a mom and a dad, and a sister and a brother in my images.

I love using natural window light inside or shooting outside for the last half an hour before the sun sets. But, I also love the perfection and intimacy of a studio session. I really like to get in close, and I love colors!

I want my sessions to be FUN and playful, especially if I’m photographing children! I tell my clients not to worry if they aren’t listening or sitting still. I don’t want them to sit still. They’re children!! I want to see everyone having a good time and interacting with each other. I want to discover and preserve each family’s love story so it can be retold from generation to generation.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.


Neshama (a.k.a. Stephanie) Roash
Firefly Universe

The Challah Cover:

This twisting spiral tells a tale of an amazing adventure filled with innocence, love, sadness, confusion, fear, darkness, bravery, openness, freedom, happiness, and light. It encircles my challah cover. It leads us to NOW, and to absolute love.

In The Eye Of The Storm by Neshama Roash

The colored glass upon the wire surrounding my challah cover signifies brokenness and emotion, yet, like the thorns of a rose bush, it also protects. The letter Aleph, twisted into the end of the spiral, holds a symbolic photograph of a final breaking of glass. Among other definitions, the aleph means ONE. We all come from an ineffable ONENESS…a connecting energy force that is beyond words…the Creator and Source of all that is known and unknown.

It is up to each of us to strengthen that connection through empathy, compassion, and love. Acceptance of one another, and of ourselves, makes the connecting light within us shine. This challah cover with pictures of my family is the calm in the center of the storm of my life.