The ambition of Imajewnation LogoThe Museum of ImaJewnation is to engage people’s imagination and encourage their interaction with Jewish culture – its ritual objects and customs, its texts and stories, its history and legends, and its chants and music.

The Museum of ImaJewnation encourages people to respond to challenging questions by creating artworks, for display and/or sale, that draw inspiration from an element in Jewish culture.

The Museum of ImaJewnation is a place where flights of mind come to rest for a while in the form of artworks in any medium. Without a permanent address, exhibits can arise where and whenever a question is posed and a host facility is found. The premise of the project is that the artist/creator and the artwork/creation are inextricably bound together and that the making of art can strengthen Jewish identity.

Workshops and classes are offered to create a thriving environment for interactive learning and artistic expression.  Art Salons are convened during the year to introduce new ideas.