Museum visitors were offered four wines, each labeled with a number, and asked to pair each with the Exodus experience of:

The River: We saw a basket floating in the Nile. It became lodged in the reeds along the bank. A baby is crying.

The Sea: The earth is trembling, our hearts are pounding. Pharaoh’s charioteers, his horsemen and his guardsmen are riding towards our camp by the Sea. There is no place to run.

The Desert: We are walking out of the Sea into a desert wilderness. The light is blinding and the sand landscape is shifting with the wind. We are free.

The Mountain: We awake in the morning and try to make sense of what we see. Others had spoken of a mount of the gods, but these spires seemed gods themselves. These crags are of another world from the plains of Egypt. We would not be shocked to hear God speak from this otherness- from a bush in flames or a lightning-streaked thundercloud.