Performance and writers artists engage their audiences in group experiences of empathy.

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"TITLE UNKNOWN" by Ben Milder


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Ben Milder
St. Louis, Missouri

Dan Friedman

Andy Curry

Passover Songs

Andy Curry and Dan Friedman sing about the struggles of celebrating Passover with humor and thanksgiving. You can listen to the songs by clicking on the titles: “Under The Rug” and “Bread!”

Written and Performed by Andy Curry
Accompanied by Dan Friedman

St. Louis, Missouri

"Why Is This Different?" by Trisha Arlin

"Why Is This Different?" by Trisha Arlin

“Why Is This Different?” (Four Children, Five Rabbis)

In this poem, Trisha imagines that the four children represent the different ways Jews are taught o ask questions. Jews aspire to the freedom to challenge authority, to demand flexibility and responsiveness from rabbis and parents a nd leaders. Jews seek the freedom to think in new ways about our stories and our history, real or mythical. To read the poem, click HERE.

Trisha Arlin
Brooklyn, New York

"Four Cups Of Wine For American Freedom" performed by Jerry Russo

"Four Cups Of Wine For American Freedom" written by Barry Milder

“Four Cups Of Wine For American Freedom”

Reworking the Haggadah’s “The Four Questions” and the ritual of drinking four cups of wine, this poem offers American answers to questions of injustice. At the end it becomes a prayer that America will always have another cup to offer all those who are in need of Freedom. For the text, click HERE.

Written by Barry Milder
Presented by Jerry Russo

St. Louis, Missouri

"Pyramid Politics" by Steve Roufa and Alan Rosenberg

“Pyramid Politics”

“Pyramid Politics” is a spoof that blurs the time and place between ancient Egypt and present day America. For the text, click HERE.

Written by Alan Rosenberg
Presented by Alan Rosenberg and Steve Roufa

St. Louis, Missouri

"I Get Free Everyday Or I Don't" by Rabbi James Goodman and Pals

“I Get Free Everyday Or I Don’t”

Rabbi Goodman teaches his musician pals a re-imagining of the Exodus/Passover/Freedom story,
out of that teaching
they create
new music,

They pick up the haggadah at the place just after Dayenu
Explain the 3 symbols of the seder: Peah, Matzah, Maror
Leap over the gap that separates man from G-d.
Move right into “In every generation” we leave Egypt
To know simcha and discover a teaching about freedom in the jailhouse.

For the text, click HERE.

Rabbi James Goodman playing guitar and percussion
Andrew Bollinger playing guitar
Will Soll playing mandolin
St. Louis, Missouri