The Museum of ImaJewnation partnered with Hillel and the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design programs at Washington University in St. Louis to create an artistic, architectural and philosophical conversation about boundaries.

Architectural students and faculty, as well as architects and designers in the community and beyond were welcomed to participate in designing and building sukkot according the law of Jewish tradition or create temporary dwelling models that would be functional for the many displaced people in our world. The “sukkot” were displayed on the grounds of the university.

The 10 winning projects, by both individuals and teams of architects and designers, were selected from a field of more than 40 entries.

Emery McClure Architecture | Lafayette, LA

Act3 (Ben Kaplan), Trivers Architecture and STL Beacon | St. Louis, MO

60 Degree Sukkah
Filip Tejchman | Brooklyn, NY, and Cambridge, MA

Sean Corriel | New York, NY

Alexander Morley and Jennifer Wong | St. Louis, MO

Sukkah Collective
Casey Hughes Architects | Los Angeles, CA

Christine Yogiaman, Forrest Fulton and Ken Tracy | St. Louis, MO

L’Chime Sukkah
John Kleinschmidt and Andy Sternad | New Orleans, LA

Bronwyn Charlton and Linda Levin | St. Louis, MO

The Entry
Lea Oxenhandler and Evan Maxwell Litvin | Philadelphia, PA