On the eve of 2018 midterm elections…..

To all the artists I have had the pleasure of meeting and whose artworks offered insights into the challenges of our times- I call you once again to create.

Create artworks that can hold two opposing ideas together.

I am inspired to respond to the call for proposals to the 4th edition of The Jerusalem Biennale, scheduled to take place November and December 2019, around the theme of LeShem Shamayim (For Heaven’s Sake!) and its guidelines for engaging in and resolving disputes.

I am also inspired to curate an exhibit here in St. Louis.

Project Title: Topsyturvytown, a City That Mingles Fantasy and Reality.

In the unsettling times of a quickly changing world, how can we design and construct a gyroscope for conversations, one that can balance two opposing ideas together and help us better make a decision that will lead to a future that endures.

Please, please let me know if you are interested in participating. Naomi Fishman naomisfishman@gmail.com

**For information, here is the link to Machlochet l’shem Shamayim/Argument for the Sake of Heaven

Any dispute which is for the sake of heaven will ultimately lead to an end that endures, and one which is not for the sake of heaven will not lead to an end that endures.— Ethics of the Fathers 5:17-20