Ken Goldman was born in 1960 in Memphis, Tennessee, and received a Bachelor of Arts from Brooklyn College in 1981 and a Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in 1985. He made Aliyah in 1985 and is a member Kibbutz Shluchot. He is married and has four children.

While discussing his art vision, he writes, “My art is filled with insider references, innuendos and humor. While at times seemingly irreverent – the works are inspired by and react to traditions, texts, rituals, services and holidays. As I look back it seems that I have spent much of my life re-evaluating, and taking liberties with the role, purpose and forms of traditional Judaica/ Jewish arts.

Creating art provides me with the opportunity to explore, test and express my connection, commitment, frustration, as well as love of Judaism. By opening doors, researching texts, testing materials –and pushing boundaries I search for new opportunities to make Judaism more relevant to my life.”

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