We thank all the wonderful artists who responded to our call and contributed ideas with telling sensitivity and creativity. We thank all who attended the exhibit, engaging the artworks with recognition, empathy, challenges and new awareness. We are grateful for the interest and persistent efforts of those who brought this project into existence and continue to do so- Gerald Moberg who designs and maintains our web site, Kathy Bassett who drafted our press release and accepted a few edits from PR man David Fishman, Sarah Wallis who created our graphics, Jerry Russo who transformed the black box theatre into a gallery and Alex Rife, photographer and videographer , who continues to work on creating a virtual tour of the exhibit.

The response to the project was overwhelmingly positive and we are encouraged as we plan for the future. Here are some of the responses we received:

“Wonderful diversity of work and interpretations of the theme!” -Brian D. Smith

A treasure of Jewish art, culture and learning to prepare for Passover.” -Brad Horwitz

“Wonderful pieces to reflect on.” -Steve R

“Beautiful!!!” -Ennie

“Uplifting! The work speaks!” -Connie Swinson

“Truly Inspiring.” -Sara Swinson

“Each piece was amazing and inspirational. Loved it. I appreciate the hard work of the artists and of the setting up of the exhibit.” -Debra Spigel

“Makes me think and wonder if my perspective is accurate. Does paying taxes make you more or less free? The poster ‘What Price Freedom?’ said not paying taxes is freer; I take the opposite position!” Joel Spigel

“I love the glasses from Russia, the iron gates from Amsterdam and I love the wine tasting.” -Rachel Oiknine

“Always amazed with the human spirit and creativity- beautiful exhibit- very thought provoking.” -Melissa Dubman

“Thank you for celebrating freedom in such a meaningful way…” -Galia and Milton Movitz

“A wonderful exhibit. Naomi made it very informative and interesting. -Nancy Winograd

Enjoyed the exhibit very much. Including the wine tasting. My son is an artist…..

“Amazing work- unbelievable!” -Sarah Wallis

“Cool stuff!” -Charlie Wallis and Luke Brockman

“Thanks for the beautiful and thoughtful collection. This allows us to think of freedom and redemption in so many ways.” -Levi Landa

“Beautiful exhibit. So glad I could be part of it. Best wishes on the next!” -Gerald Moberg

“I come for 10 minutes nearly every day. “What price freedom” Taxation- really means a lot to me. No taxes is absolute freedom.” -Ruth Stoloff

“This exhibit is mind-boggling! So special. Thank you Naomi for this display of Freedom Art.” -Marion Cohen

“So glad I found this display. Thank you for the best time I had today.” -Ina Mae Frankel

“Naomi, you never cease to amaze me with your vision and your passion.” -Miriam Singer

“Great exhibit. Naomi always pushed our limits.” -Steve Singer

“Thanks for the wonderful exhibit. It gave me a new perspective and way of thinking about freedom. In a way, open mindedness and new ways of thinking is a form of freedom.” -Suzette Christopher

“Inspiring exhibit-thanks for sharing it with the St. Louis community.” -Susie and Al Bareszynski

“What a wonderful collection of art, talent and compassion.” -Mark and Sharon Tobin

“I love so many of these pieces. I wish they could live in my home.” -Deb Wodrosko

“Thanks Naomi! Wonderful exhibit and a great experience for BYHS boys!” -Deborah Weinstein

“Powerful imagery.” -Ron Picker Neiss

“4 cups of wine by Boris was my favorite. As someone who is not of the Jewish faith but working at the J, this exhibit was very informative and relatable.” -Jasmine Rangel

“That more amazing the second time!” -Sarah Wallis

“How moving, and to have seen just hours before this year’s seder, and to have artistically reinforced just why, how and for what we celebrate. Thank you!” -Susan Fadem